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PSI-CA - MDTP – 03


This 6 (Six) day intensive MDTP-02 training course has been designed to support professional individual PMs/Project Engineers (of all sectors including IT) who has the prospect of getting a landing immigration permission to Canada and who are intending to achieve a career in PM (Project Management).

MDTP – 02 Participants shall have the opportunity to enhance their experience and knowledge-base with structured PMBOK standards covering all the knowledge sectors thorough guided instructions. They will have the opportunity to successfully attain the PMP credentials as well. To make the percipients familiar with Canadian industry and project management sectors, MDTP-02 will have a full day dedicated session (6th Day) on Canadian industry and project management environment (Canadian Housing, Mining, Oil and Gas and IT sectors).

This is a competitive course available to the selected 25 prospective candidates. This is a competitive course. Available to the selected 25 prospective candidates in each occasions. Selection will be done by the board of executives of PCSM CA's, project management division. Currently there is a plan to convened this training twice a year in Dhaka and Toronto (March and August).


To find a work placement in Canadian industry sectors and job market a project management professional should have proper introduction to Canadian project management environs. PCSM CA is keen to provide support to the professionals those have undergone PCSMCA MDTP – 02 training and, or either have achieved, or in the process of achieving the PMP certification with an objective to getting connected with the Canadian industry and project management sectors. PCSM CA shall provide support to developing linkage to embark on a successful project management career in the Canadian markets. Attendees are required to be registered with PCSM CA (PCSMCA.COM human resource/career center based in Toronto) as soon as they land in Canada.

PCSM CA shall organize a Two (2) day Canadian market orientation course to the PCSM CA participants. This shall include one day overall PMBOK and Industry category (Housing/Mining/Oil and Gas/IT), followed by a One-day session to refresh on the PMP course. A 5 day refreshment course for PMP certification is also available for the Candidates who could not achieve certification while in the process of securing immigration.

Note: schedule of the sessions in Canada can only be disclosed as feasible no. of attendees are available. The career management support is an option for the individuals.



  • The PMI standards and PMBOK guideline on project management best practices
  • PMO strategy and summary PMO proposition process for Management mandate
  • Project charter development
  • PMP Certification process – Structured guidelines for success

Project life cycle and Project Management Life Cycle

  • Project initiation
  • Project planning
  • Project execution
  • Project monitoring & control
  • Project close-out

PMBOK Knowledge Areas

  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Human Resources Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Stakeholders Management
  • Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Soft skills for successful project manager
  • Effective project team management training
  • Organization and Project management
  • Tools and techniques for project controls and management



Introduction to Canadian Industry

  • A brief overview on various sectors of Canadian Industry.
  • Global PMI and PMBOK knowledge areas (general and particular)

Canadian Major Projects Sector

  • Housing, Infrastructure and Urban Development
  • Mining
  • Oil, Gas and Energy
  • Information Technology (IT)

Learn and appreciate PMI - project management methodologies to advance individuals skill sets to qualify for a career in Canadian Industry - Project Management-

  • Understanding of corporate project delivery processes
  • Best Practices Methodology and project delivery model approach for uniform project development
  • Project Selections/Characterization
  • Project Stage Gate Review process
  • Recognize and approve realistic project/client/customer constraint and requirements
  • Data Quality Management and Reporting strategy
  • Human Resource Management and RMS (Resource Management Strategy) for the PMO
  • Ideas on developing a project execution plan based on PMI standards and PMBOK guidance
  • Build project teams, Resource Management Strategy to recruit, retain and manage high performing teams
  • Prepare basic estimates, create a work breakdown structure that help to manage project structure and reporting levels
  • Create control budgets and schedules
  • Ideas on implement project change management systems
  • Build effective plans to control the project budget, schedule, and quality


  • Interactive training instructions
  • Program/project team style problem solving
  • in-house group discussion and brain storming sessions for basic project management
  • Strategic Project, Business, Risk, Problem solving scenarios,
  • Hands on tasks on basic estimating, scheduling, cost management methodologies,
  • EVMS-Earned value management systems and similar real life scenarios on foundation level scope, integration, procurement, communication, quality, human resources, and project managers ethics and social responsibilities


Individuals IT-PMs/Industrial sector PMs/Construction Managers/Project Engineers/Business Managers with MBA/BBA/R&D managers/NGO executives who have made applications to immigrate to Canada.


Interactive training, project team style problem solving, in-house group discussion and brain storming sessions, project management problem solving scenarios, PM's soft skills exercises, scheduling strategies, cost management methodologies, EVMS-Earned value management, and project managers ethics and corporate social responsibilities.

For Details of the course, intended participants are requested to contact PCSM CA office or write an email to

*Prospective immigrants – Who has reached at the final stages of their application processes with Canadian Immigration Offices may contact PCSM CA for PMP certification training.
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