We provide SPMO- Strategic Project Management Office Establishment, Training, and Mentoring Support to Government Sectors, Major Project Corporations and Specials Project Offices as ICT, Nuclear, Defence, Aerospace, National Security intelligence and R&D sectors.

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Welcome to the PSCM CA

PCSM CA is a Project Management Services Company engaged in offering professional development services in the field of “Project Management”. The PCSM CA would pursue the PMI® PMBOK® recommended frameworks and standards. PCSM CA continues to grow adapting with the advancements of PMBOK® philosophy and promote PMI® innovations.

The Project Management Division of PCSM CA will work with 3 (Three) other divisions and the PCSM Institute to support developing cost effective, quality assured project delivery platforms and produce skilled professionals with sound knowledge base in alignment with the PMI® PMBOK®, the industry best practices methodology.

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PCSM CA Current Service Divisions

  1. Project Management Services Division – All training and management development programs in the Project Management Services Division espouse PMI® PMBOK® (Project Management Body Of Knowledge) provided Standards and Guidelies and Support to achieving PMI® PMP/CAPM Accreditation
  2. Cost Engineering Management Division – All trainings and management development program supports to achieve CCP/EVM professional accreditation

Introduction to PMP® Certification Examination Preparation Boot Camps

September 30, 2017 | Venu: Toronto

We are offering PMP® certification Preparaton course in Boot Camp style. Presenting a better prospect for sucess in achiving PMP® acceriditation

Course Schedule


PMP® Certification Examination Preparation Boot Camps

New York


PMP® Certification Examination Preparation Boot Camps

New York


PMP® Certification Examination Preparation Boot Camps

Los Angeles


PMP® Certification Examination Preparation Boot Camps



PMP® Certification Examination Preparation Boot Camps



PMP® Certification Examination Preparation Boot Camps



PMP® Certification Examination Preparation Boot Camps



PMP® Certification Examination Preparation Boot Camps



PMP® Certification Examination Preparation Boot Camps

New Jersey

FAQs: Why Choose PCSM?

PCSM CA’s instructional plans and delivery processes have been designed in boot-camp style interactive works-shop. Keeping the PMBOK® methodology as fundamentals, real life replicas of some deliberate “Project Team Actions” have been introduces in each knowledge areas.

Precise focus would be on delivering understanding on project management processes, principles and standards. The in-built “Team Actions” would target solving real life project problems; thus making participants ready with logical capacities to answer the PMP® examination.

Project Delivery Processes are associated with “Project Team Actions”. Fundamentals, that back up Project Team Actions are the “Project Execution Plans (PEPs), developed in alignment with PMBOK® standards and methodology.

PCSM CA has integrated “Team Actions” in each knowledge areas. “Team Actions” are representation of project problems posing live questions. Team members under the leadership of a PM (Role Play) will perform threadbare discussions, negotiations, presentations of the solutions and alternatives. These would enhance member’s capability in achieving diligence, brokering added knowledge through teamwork and stakeholders engagements.

This approach shall provide “best value” to attending participants in achieving success.

Because of “Value Gains”.

Value gained by the participants are Two Folds.

PCSMCA offered PMP workshops would not only prepare attendees for examination success,

But also
Take them through an integrated approach of achieving Project Management Skills and Knowledge using PMBOK® subject matters and, working on project problem solving techniques through Boot Camps ( guided Team Actions).

Project Management Professionals need these both inputs through a diligent management training.

In addition, PCSM CA pursues that Project Managers of the day require to be motivated through knowledge, professionalism, passion, esteem and ethics, which PCSM CA has deliberately composed into the instructional process and fabrics of the knowledge delivery, matching PMI® Talent triangle.

PMP® - Professional certification is a testimony that expresses that the professional has achieved an extra credit to reveal professional capabilities towards a recognized professional standard in project management practices.

PCSM CA PMP Certification course is aimed at project managers be it IT, Infrastructure, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power (Nuclear or Conventional) or any of the sectors of the industry who craves for formal accreditation of their skills and knowledge and wish to gain a proof of knowledge.

Senior Project office Bearers and Sponsors who want to better contribute to project success through understanding of PMBOK® global project management methodology, may also seek the opportunity.

PCSM CA offers In-house corporate training programs, as well.

The PCSMCA course targets the following sectors.

Information Technology (IT)
Construction/Civil Infrastructure
Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals
R&D and Power (Nuclear or Conventional)

PMI® recommends that all project planning, execution and close out processes across PLC (Project Life Cycle) shall adapt PMBOK® (Latest edition) standards, methodology and procedures. The IT project management methodology and approaches have been considered in more integrated fashion by PMI® PMBOK® 6th Edition. The Agail and Iterative processes consideration have become the part and parcel of the PMBOK® 6th Edition to align them with PMI® PMBOK®

To be noted that PMI® PMBOK® the knowledge book of all project managers including IT PMs; Agile/Scrum are the specific IT project execution techniques on project delivery platforms. The platforms are to led by the IT PMs who are augmented with the PMBOK® skills, knowledge and standards.

PCSMCA PMP certification course attempted to satisfy its different sets Professional audiences adapting following strategy-

- Sector specific projects (cases) will be provided for study (Covering IT, General Construction to cover for Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Mining, Power - conventional projects, Nuclear sector projects)
- To maintain pace of instructional dynamism, One specific project will be considered for Team Actions and Interaction
- Participants will attempt to provide solutions through In-house Team Actions on project Scope, Scope decomposition, WBS development, Schedule development, Coding structure, Cost management, HR strategies, Quality issues, Procurement strategies and other PMBOK® knowledge areas
- Sector specific professionals would be allowed to work on their project and the Instructor shall provide review and comments on their work for correctness

Yes, the course will be taught by a certified PMP who has diverse knowledge across industries. At the completion of the course, participant will receive PCSM CA certificate to this effect.

The course shall cover the following:

An overview of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) 6th edition. Emphasis would be given on readings from the PMBOK® Review of the Five (5) Project Management Process Groups, and Ten (10) Knowledge Areas; and 49 Process areas.

Exposure to numerous worksheets, team actions, definitions, examination strategies, and formula sheets.

Participation in several PMP exam question/simulations to better equip for writing the examinations

PCSM CA Boot Camps are designed for success. Simply, if a participant attends the PMP Certification Examination within 2 weeks of PCSM CA offered training, in the event that a participant fails to pass in that examination, s/he can take the next PCSM CA scheduled course for free (in the same location/location close by).

The only condition for this guarantee is that the "participant writes PMP exam within 15 days" of the PCSMCA offered course completion date.

Average Salary

Certified PMP® (Manager) in North America

Certified PMP® (Sr. Manager) in North America

Certified Cost Professional (Cost Engineer) in North America

Certified Cost Professional (Sr. Cost Engineer) in North America

Safety Professional in North America

Sr. Safety Professional in North America

Why PCSM CA management development support would be your first choice?

Management Training Services available both in North America and South East Asia.

PCSM CA has experienced PMP® Educators who have experience in delivering mega – projects and programs in North American and Middle Eastern industry environment across sectors

PCSM CA trainers hold covers wide range of project delivery experience covering multiple sectors: Energy (Nuclear and Conventional Power Plants), Oil and Gas, Mining, IT (Digital), Major Infrastructure (Housing, LURCP – Land, Underground, Roads, Communication and Power), and R&D projects

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PCSM CA training providers have world class academic perspective (post graduate program delivery background) in North America

Constant communications and information on Industry updates

Career development support with information and collaboration from Canadian market and industry (MDTP- 03)